Luca Pozzi – The Grandfather Platform @ Palazzo Magnani, Bologna Italy

Designed by the artist Luca Pozzi for the Carracci room of Palazzo Magnani “The Grandfather Platform” is a site-specific installation able to connect the antique with the contemporary, the world and the history of the Renaissance with that of the scientific discoveries of the next future.

In addition to take you high enough to admire the frieze of the Carracci from up close, the platform suggests a quantum dimensional voyage between different not linearly interconnected times: from the futuristic perspectives of cosmology and the theoretical physics of the new millennium, to 753 a.C., the year of the founding of Rome and cultural epicenter not only of our country but probably of the whole of Europe.

Thanks to the modification of the lighting system of the room and the design of the platform, Luca Pozzi builds a five-meter-high meditative space-time environment focused on the concept of identity. An illusionistic architectural infrastructure that, by adopting the inventive painting techniques of the brothers Annibale and Agostino and cousin Ludovico in 1590, comes to simulate the presence of a gigantic black hole thanks to a digital collage reproduced on the floor. The visitor is invited to fluctuate in the space between the European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission (ESA), the Fermi Telescope (Nasa and INFN), the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) and the legendary “Sleeping Muse” of Costantin Brancusi.

An augmented reality app for smartphones can also be downloaded free of charge from the BEPART platform on Google Play and Apple Store, allowing the observation of an event of the recent past created by the artist himself on November 19, 2017. The activation of the application will automatically activate the camera of your mobile phone and by framing the frescoes will appear, as frozen in time, three-dimensional tennis balls, suspended at the exact point of the real launch documented by Luca Pozzi in the original photographic series “Wilson Tour Carracci”.

The artist’s platform is also completed by other installation elements that will continue in the adjacent rooms of the Quadreria. First of all a photographic shot of the “Wilson Tour Carracci” precisely, taken from the scene the “Battle between Romani and Sabini” and “Dragon’s Eggs”, mirror polished bronze sculptures equipped with a series of particle detectors made in collaboration with the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN).

© photo credit Alessandro Ruggero


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