Cosimo Casoni @ Gallery CLIMA, Milan

The Sunday Side

02Sunday is a sacred day. A day where everything stops except a certain someone.

Cosimo Casoni is an emerging artist born in 1990 who does not stop, he moves, asks questions, paints, shifts his focus upon a skateboard, creating evolutions of evolution.
The exhibition can be interpreted as a constant evolution, where underground emotions often found in a skateboarding culture collide with a traditional type of painting. Classicism becomes a gestural excuse whereby, through sweat and difficulty, his every move with his skateboard takes shape.
The Wall-ride skate is the foundation for a covered canvas depicting a sunset with pitfalls or nocturnal animals.
Why would Cosimo Casoni the artist and the skater decide that there are no borders in shared passions and that every gesture takes great effort – thoughts are part of a common vision – in other words research into the very idea of gesture ?
Each canvas, with great skill, becomes an experiment in movement, technique and adherence to the surface can take in contexts not fit with its native language. And so his passion and the places where he lives and works (Milan-Florence) become creative places to build his works: outdoors or collective works – because he invites his friends over to “skate over it” and thus to create.
A further participatory connection where every trick becomes a gesture of freedom of expression. They are then processed by Casoni into landscapes that bring the works into the realm of the surreal that seems like a very crisp landscape yet at the same time the light feels very reassuring. Because one who is unfamiliar with skateboarding and who typically see it as a child’s activity should at least have the good sense to get on the board itself at least as a way to understand the balance that it takes to ride. It’s worth considering what it takes to be able to jump 30 steps or ride a rail isn’t exactly child’s play. One needs skill and technique to achieve such things, and that’s not even counting the personal style that every skater has while skating. And if we allow ourselves to play and if we are able, we can draw a parallel with contemporary art and say that it’s easy to speak but difficult to do in the wide wide universe of the art world.
Cosimo Casoni with his fresh and lucid exhibition has show us how to open up new streets regarding contemporary art – even with a skateboard and some previously unseen paintings.

Lapo Simeoni
14 12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 01Curated by Francesco Lecci
© Cosimo Casoni
Courtesy Galleria CLIMA Milano


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