Opening Night Part 2 (Chapter II) @ Chabah Yelmani Gallery, Bruxelles

exhibition view downstairs..Jon DeCola , Jane Hayes Greenwood, Mooni Perry, Eric Zindorf and (Riikka Hyvönen)

In reference to the title of the inaugural exhibition, Opening Night honors the gallery’s artists’ work in an annually recurring group show that provides a platform for experimental techniques and new forms of artistic expression. Opening Night stands for the gallery’s deep dedication to the support of exploration and trial – two essential components of every artistic vocation.

Opening Night Part II (Chapter II) marks the final part of the gallery’s 1st anniversary celebration. Following the January exhibition, the second chapter’s ensemble of artists unites four individual approaches to the creative process in a vivid selection of works. The show’s bold juxtaposition of diverse artistic techniques and styles pays evidence to the gallery’s attempt to stretch the cultural dialogue beyond the spectators’ singular encounter with each art work into an intra-artistic exchange.

Jon DeCola (Born in 1983 in New Jersey, USA / Lives and works in New York, USA)

Jane Hayes Greenwood (Born in 1986 in Manchester, UK/ Lives and works in London, UK)

Mooni Perry (Born in 1990 in Seoul, Korea / Lives and works in London, UK)

Eric Zindorf (Born in 1989 in Sacramento, USA / Lives and works in New York, USA)

Riikka Hyvönen (Born in 1982 in Rovaniemi, Finland / Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland)

Tatjana Schaeffer

© Jon DeCola & Chabah Yelmani Gallery© Jon DeCola & Chabah Yelmani Gallery...© Eric Zindorf & Chabah Yelmani Gallery

©Jane Hayes Greenwood & Chabah Yelmani Gallery.......©Jane Hayes Greenwood & Chabah Yelmani Gallery..........©Jane Hayes Greenwood & Chabah Yelmani Gallery....©Mooni Perry & Chabah Yelmani Gallery..............©Mooni Perry & Chabah Yelmani Gallery........©Mooni Perry & Chabah Yelmani Gallery.......©Mooni Perry & Chabah Yelmani Gallery.....© Riikka Hyvönen & Chabah Yelmani Gallery© all artists, Chabah Yelmani Gallery, Bruxelles


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