Jon Pilkington, Ryan Nord Kitchen, Stefanie Heinze @ Rod Barton, LONDON

15th January- 20th February, 2016

Rod Barton - JP-RNK-SH - Install - 01Rod Barton - JP-RNK-SH - Install - 03Rod Barton - JP-RNK-SH - Install - 07Rod Barton - JP-RNK-SH - Install - 04Rod Barton - JP-RNK-SH - Install - 05Rod Barton - JP-RNK-SH - Install - 09Rod Barton - JP-RNK-SH - Install - 08Jon Pilkington (1990) lives and works in London. He holds a BA in Fine Art for the university of Lancashire, and a Master of Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Recent Solo exhibitions include: ’From the Favela’, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, ’Jon Pilkington’, Peter Von Kant, London. Recent group exhibitions include: ‘The sky was’, Bow Arts, London, ‘Hands off’, Nam Project, Milano, Italy, ‘Fire Sale’, Surrey, England, ‘;)’, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, ‘Form is what happens’, Archiv Massiv, Leipzig, Germany.

Stefanie Heinze (1987) Lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. She holds a Diploma of Fine Arts from the National Academy of the Arts Oslo, Norway, Diploma of Fine Arts in Painting at National Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig Germany and a Postgraduate Diploma in Painting at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Recent Solo exhibitions include: ’Speed Massiv’ Archiv Massiv Leipzig, Germany, ’Hans und Heinze’, Frankfurt, Germany. Recent group exhibitions include: ’International Painting Prize’ Guasch Coranty, Tecla Sala, Centre d’Art de L’Hospitalet, Barcelona’.

Ryan Nord Kitchen (1988) Lives and works in Baltimore. He holds a BA from Luther College, Decorah and a postgraduate Master Of Fine Arts Diploma from Maryland Institute College of Art, LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting, Baltimore. Recent solo exhibitions include: ’Summer Paintings’ Terrault Contemporary, Baltimore, Maryland, ’Paintings’ Galleri Jacob Bjørn, Aarhus, Denmark. Recent group exhibitions include: ’Hands off’ NAM Project Milano, Milan, Italy, ’K-Town Studios Artists Show’ MK Gallery, Vienna.

© the artists, Rod Barton London


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