My List from Liste – Basel

Selection of 10 works from Liste , Basel, in order of apparition:

Stephen Felton - Ditte Gantriis

Stephen Felton – Ditte Gantriis – Frutta gallery – Rome

Will Benedict - Overduin & Co

Will Benedict – Overduin & Co. – Los Angeles

Mihut Boscu Kafchin

Mihut Boscu Kafchin – Sabot Gallery – Cluj

Sara Barker

Sara Barker – Mary Mary – Glasgow

Anne Imhof

Anne Imhof – Deborah Schamoni – Munich

Santo Tolone

Santo Tolone – Limoncello – London

Virginia Overton

Virginia Overton – Freymond -Guth Ltd. – Zurich

Michael Rey

Michael Rey – Office Baroque – Brussels

Anna Zacharoff

Anna Zacharoff – Neue Alte Bruecke – Frankfurt

Tobias Zielony

Tobias Zielony – Kow – Berlin

Vincenzo Della Corte

© all artists, Fisk Frisk magazine


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