Greetings from Switzerland – Art Basel 46°

Selection of 20 works from Art Basel in order of apparition:

Olafur Eliasson, Your space embracer, 2004. Unlimited Art Basel, gallery Tanya Bonakdar New York

Robert Irvin - Art Basel 46

Robert Irvin, Black 3, 2008. Unlimited Art Basel, galleries Pace New York, White Cube London

Pascale Marthine Tayou - Art Basel 46

Pascale Marthine Tayou, Plastic Tree, 2014. Unlimited Art Basel, gallery Continua San Gimignano

Franz West - Art Basel 46

Franz West, Untitled (10 sculptures), 1990/1997. Unlimited Art Basel, gallery David Zwirner New York

Helen Marten - Art Basel 2015

Helen Marten, Under blossom: Lousy elegy, 2015. Unlimited Art Basel, galleries Sadie Coles HQ London, Greene Naftali New York, König Berlin, in collaboration with T293 Rome

Jacob Kassay - Art Basel 46

Jacob Kassay, Untitled, 2010. Mnuchin Gallery New York

Peter Halley - Art Basel 46

Peter Halley, Raising Hope I, 2013. Waddington Custot Galleries London

Matti Braun - Art Basel 46

Peter Halley, Raising Hope I, 2013. Waddington Custot Galleries London

Pae White - Art Basel 46

Pae White, C≈K ¥ ◊CHΔRMS ‡, 2014. Gallery Kaufmann Repetto Milan/New York © Pae White Studio, Los Angeles Photo credit: Andrea Rossetti Courtesy Kaufmann Repetto Milan/New York

Sudarshan Shetty - Art Basel 46

Sudarshan Shetty, No Title, 2015. Gallery Galleryske Bangalore

Mary Weatherford - Art Basel 46

Mary Weatherford, Windansea, 2015. David Kordansky gallery Los Angeles

Doug Aitken - Art Basel 46

Doug Aitken, Bad, 2014. 303 Gallery New York

Bernard Frize, Magul, 2015. Galerie Perrotin Paris

Bernard Frize, Magul, 2015. Galerie Perrotin Paris Photo credit: Claire Dorn © Frize / ADAGP Courtesy Galerie Perrotin Paris

Alessandro Piangiamore - Art Basel 46

Alessandro Piangiamore, La cera di Roma, 2015. Gallery Magazzino Rome

Pia Fries - Art Basel 46

Pia Fries, Windhand, 2015. Mai 36 Galerie Zurich

Callum Innes - Art Basel 46

Callum Innes, Exposed Painting Blue Violet, 2015. Gallery Sean Kelly New York ©Callum Innes, Courtesy Sean Kelly New York

Paola Pivi - Art Basel 46

Paola Pivi – Art Basel 46Paola Pivi, TBT, 2015. Gallery Massimo De Carlo Milan/London Photo credit: Alessandro Zambianchi, Courtesy Massimo De Carlo Milan/London

Sarah Sze - Art Basel 46

Sarah Sze, installation view of stone series, 2013/2015. Gallery Victoria Mirò London

Daniel Buren - Art Basel 46

Daniel Buren, Noir Marquina/Blanc Thasos, 2015. Gallery Kamel Mennour Paris

Roni Horn - Art BAsel 46

Roni Horn, Or 8, 2015. Gallery Hauser & Wirth Zurich

Eloise Ghioni

© all Artists

Courtesy all galleries


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