Proportio @ Palazzo Fortuny Venice

Proportio 01Art is such a mysterious thing, and all our lives we pursue this mystery and are only too pleased not to discover it, because otherwise it would be the end of art.  It is the mystery of human intelligence.
Lucio Fontana to Jef Verheyen, 1961 (1)
Ellsworth kelly-red-yellow-blue III, 1963Proportio 02Fred Sandback, Untitled (Sculptural Study, Sixteen-part Vertical Construction) ca. 1978_2010Pieter W. Van der Stock and Willem C. Duyster, Elegant Figures in a Classical Colonnaded Gallery, 1632Proportio-Top FloorProportio - Second FloorRoseProportio 04

1. Letter from Fontana to Verheyen, Milan, 4 July 1961, in Paolo Campiglio (ed.), Lucio Fontana.  Lettere 1919 -1968, Skira, Milan, 1999, p. 181. as found inside the catalogue Jef Verheyen, Le Peintre Flamant, ASA Publishers, Brussels, 2010, p. 141

Andrew Smaldone
Proportio 03All images have been taken from the exhibition PROPORTIO May – November (2015) at the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice.  PROPORTIO follows  the exhibitions Ar-tempo (2007), In-finitum (2009), and TRA (2011)

Courtesy Palazzo Fortuny Venice

Editing: Eloise Ghioni


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