Tauba Auerbach

Tauba Auerbach was born in San Francisco, California, in 1981. Lives and works in New York and San Francisco.

Solo show: The New Ambidextrous UniverseInstitute of Contemporary Arts, London, England; A comb, A grating, A wave, A particle, A solid, A field, A mirror, A sundial, A slice, A charge, A hole, A ghostStandard (Oslo), Oslo, Norway; Night (1947-2015)The Phillip Johnson Glass House, New Canaan, Connecticut; TetrachromatWiels Contemporary Art Center, Brussels, Belgium; FloatPaula Cooper Gallery, New York, New York; TetrachromatMalmo Konsthall, Malmo, Sweden; TetrachromatBergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway; A Book is Not an XGlenn Horowitz BooksellerThe W AxisStandard (Oslo), Oslo, Norway; QuarryWhitney Museum Construction Site Installation, New York, New York; New YearWestern Bridge, Seattle, Washington; Here and Now/And NowhereDeitch Projects, New York, New York; The Uncertainty PrincipleStandard (Oslo), Oslo, Norway; The Answer/Wasn’t HereJack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco, California; Yes and Not YesDeitch Projects, New York, New York ; How to Spell the AlphabetNew Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California; All Time, All the TimeSan Francisco Art Commission, San Francisco, California.

Tauba Auerbach - The New Ambidextrous Universe IV

Tauba Auerbach - S Helix

Tauba Auerbach - Gnomon-Wave Fulgurite I.II (side)

Tauba Auerbach - Slice-Wave Fulgurite III.I (side)

Tauba Auerbach-  Panes-Trans Ray I

Tauba Auerbach - Bent Onyx (open)

Tauba Auerbach - Marble Book (open)

Tauba Auerbach - Untitled V (Fold)

Tauba Auerbach - Prism Scan II (Cross Polarized Mesosiderite)

Eloise Ghioni

All images © Tauba Auerbach


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