Destination Vienna 2015. Kunsthalle – Vienna

Kunsthalle 1Destination Vienna 2015, inaugurated on April 16th with more than 70 artists that were selected from an open call of 900 applications. The aim, as the title states, is to “provide a  a comprehensive insight into Vienna’s art scene.”Kunsthalle 2

Despite the huge amount of works, the visual result in the first room is positive, including video, painting, sculpture, photos and installations.  An imaginary line links the optical works by Melitta Moschik, Outer space, 2014 – Destination TR34, 2013 – Destination NYC, 2013, with the technological looking works by Philipp Timischl , Bin gerade aufgewacht und noch immer betrunken., 2014 – You know you love me.  XOXO, Gossip girl, 2014 – Give me first then I give you back. It’s capitalism!, 2014 – It’s nice.  I feel relatively ‘safe’ or whatever 2014.  There are also classical works by Daniel Ferstl , yellow, 2015 – brezelchen, 2015 – the captain’s daughter, 2013 – if she knew what she wants (he’d be giving it to her…), 2013. They come from three totally different types of artistic research which clearly confirms the heterogeneous quality of this exhibition.
Kunsthalle 3Andreas Fogarasi’s work , Postcard (Rosso antico Muhri) , 2014 and Postcard (Verde Guatemala) , 2013 , impresses me in a positive way and makes me think how difficult is to be synthetic in art yet all the while being expressive, intense and staying focused.
On the topic of synthesis: the materials in Nicola Pecoraro’s work,  Untitled , 2015, fulfill their own function, they don’t necessarily need to be revealed. It’s a charming, enigmatic, yet direct result.
There is no abused material, technique or language in art if the mental act behind has content and emanates from a structured background with a certain spontaneity. Considering this premise, the neon/photo work by G.R.A.M. , Der Wiener Minimalkompromiss, 2015, is both a very interesting and effective work.
Constantin Luser’s work, D1.1 the landing, 2015, is a delicate yet complex floating sculpture that recalls, in a less synthetic way, Fausto Melotti’s touching gestures.
Upstairs I am welcomed by an impressive work by David Jourdan, Ohne Title, 2015, that brilliantly bends the text to his own will and lets it reach the transformation of its function into “image”. Right beside this work is Karin Pliem’s Concursus naturae I and II, 2015,which is an “ode to the pure painting”. Looking at this work, and, moreover, thinking about Cecily Brown’s or Marlene Dumas’ work and many other great female painters, I have to say that I definitely don’t agree with George Baselitz, who in 2013 stated that women are less able to paint than men.
The works on this floor are wonderfully installed, and Isaac Brest would definitely love the typical spotted plasterboard panels.

Kunsthalle 4-5
The exhibition is articulated through Kunsthalle Museumsquartier and Kunsthalle Karlsplatz. Moreover, through the cooperation of more than 50 viennese galleries and cultural institutions the exhibition will take place all over Vienna for seven weeks. The text on the Kunsthalle’s website describes Destination Vienna 2015 as “portraying a quite idiosyncratic, surprising and pluralistic view of the Viennese art scene.”  Artists, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions are involved which perfectly fits my interpretation of “building an art system”.

Vincenzo Della Corte
Kunsthalle 6Artists: Adrian Alecu, Ovidiu Anton, Anna Artaker, Kurdwin Ayub, Josef Bauer, Cäcilia Brown, Adrian Buschmann, Hugo Canoilas, Julian Charrière, Mitya Churikov, Los Destinados (Julius Deutschbauer / Klaus Pobitzer / Panos Mylonas), Eva Egermann, Christian Eisenberger, Christian Falsnaes, Marina Faust, Lukas Feigelfeld, Daniel Ferstl, Andreas Fogarasi, Heinz Frank, Heribert Friedl, Peter Fritzenwallner, G.R.A.M., Kerstin von Gabain, Till Gathmann, Aldo Giannotti, Sofia Goscinski, Julian Göthe, Eva Grubinger, Harald Gsaller, Rebekka Hagg, Michael Heindl, Nicholas Hoffman, Ana Hoffner, David Jourdan, Barbara Kapusta, Eric Kläring, Tonio Kröner, Tina Lechner, Sonia Leimer, Paul Leitner, Constantin Luser, Nana Mandl, Christian Mayer, Ralo Mayer, Sarah Mendelsohn, Melitta Moschik, Hans Nevidal, Josip Novosel, Denise Palmieri, Michael Part, Nicola Pecoraro, permanent breakfast (Friedemann Derschmidt / Abbé Libansky / Karin Schneider / Barbara Zeidler), Lilly Pfalzer / Sergio Valenzuela, Karin Pliem, Johannes Porsch, Hanna Putz, Andreas Reiter Raabe, Ritornell, Valentin Ruhry, Maruša Sagadin, Ari Sariannidis, Johann Schoiswohl, Leander Schönweger, Misha Stroj, Philipp Timischl, Jenni Tischer, Octavian Trauttmansdorff, Nadim Vardag, Salvatore Viviano, Astrid Wagner, Tanja Widmann, Birgit Zinner

Curatorial team: Marie Egger, Anne Faucheret, Lucas Gehrmann, Luca Lo Pinto, Matthias Nothnagel, Andrea Popelka, Nicolaus Schafhausen

Kunsthalle 7-8© Kunsthalle Vienna, Fisk Frisk magazine © text Vincenzo Della Corte

Courtesy Kunsthalle Vienna, Fisk Frisk magazine

Kunsthalle 9Kunsthalle 10Kunsthalle 11Kunsthalle 12Kunsthalle 13


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