Travess Smalley

Travess Smalley was born in Huntington, in 1986. Lives and works in New York.

Solo show: Travess Smalley, Foxy Production, New York City; Travess Smalley, Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna; Vector Weave, Higher Pictures at The Armory Show; New York Compositions in Clay, Higher Pictures, New York.

Group show: Cold Places, Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna; What is a Photograph?, International Center of Photography, New York City; Liquid Crystal Palace: Recent Works with Jeremy Blake, cur. by Michael Connor and Nate Hitchcock; Honor Fraser, Los Angeles; Shifting Optics, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam; Galerie Hussenot, Paris; Surface Tension, Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna; This is the Story of America…, Brand New Gallery, Milan; Decenter NY/DC, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.; Jean Degottex and Painting Today, Ricou Gallery, Brussels Xstraction; The Hole, New York City; Space Whole Karaoke, Middlemarch, Brussels; Secondo Anniversario, Seventeen Gallery, London; Guide to the Galaxy, Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan; Decenter, Abrons Arts Center, New York City; 1:1, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles.

TS_11_Capture Physical Presence #21 Kopie

TS_11_Capture Physical Presence #17 Kopie

TS_14_Vector Weave - Action 5 over 4 - CG_ColorPhotocopy_Print 39 Kopie

TS_14_Vector Weave - Action 5 over 4 - CG_ColorPhotocopy_Print 37 Kopie

TS_14_Vector Weave - Action 5.1 over 5 over 4 - CG_ColorPhotocopy_Print 13 Kopie

TS_14_Vector Weave - Action 6 - CG_ColorPhotocopy_Print 07 Kopie

TS_14_Vector Weave - Action 1 - CG_ColorPhotocopy_Print 30 Kopie

TS_14_Vector Weave - Action 1 over 6 - CG_ColorPhotocopy_Print 08 Kopie

Vincenzo Della Corte

© Travess Smalley, Fisk Frisk magazine © text Vincenzo Della Corte

Courtesy Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna

© Photo: Georg Petermichl and Antoine Turillon


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